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return policy Lliimh return and cancellation policy Every lliimh professional works tirelessly to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your high-end shopping experience. If you want to return your order, you can return it according to our return policy (hereinafter referred to as "policy") and the information set in this article. All customers should keep the original packaging, including boxes and pallets All returned items must remain intact (New) and unused No return will be accepted after thirty (30) calendar days from the date of receipt of the order by the receiving party. Customers can return goods through carriers or private or leased vehicles; If the customer chooses to return the goods without using the carrier, the customer accepts that any items damaged or misplaced during the return process may affect the total refund amount For all customers who return, exchange or cancel orders For any unauthorized return or rejection of shipment, including landing orders, an automatic replenishment fee of 35% of the total purchase price shall be accepted Accept custody fees for items returned after the specified free return period. Bear all risks associated with the return of lliimh products on its own (i.e. without the assistance of the carrier) Agree to pay all returns that are not adversely damaged before, during or after the initial delivery process specified in the lliimh claims policy Online order return The refund of returns depends on the time frame and conditions under which the order is returned If the goods are returned on the 15th calendar day (instead of after), a full refund is still allowed and there is no restocking fee. If the goods are returned on the 30th calendar day (instead of after), a full refund is still allowed, but a 50% restocking fee is required. *35% replenishment fee will be charged for the return of all customized (special) orders. The specified return time is calculated from the date when the customer receives the order. In order to get a full refund, the customer will be responsible for the following: Keep the original packaging Find the carrier selected by the customer and pay the transportation fee Before and during the return process, ensure that the items are in a new and unused state. If the customer chooses to return the goods without using the carrier (i.e. the customer returns the goods himself), they will be responsible for any damaged or misplaced items in the whole return process. Once the order arrives at lliimh's warehouse, it will be thoroughly checked. If the order appears to be the original (New), unused status, a full refund, excluding any applicable restocking fees (if applicable), will be issued to the payment method used at the time of purchase. This applies to all online and inventory items. To exchange, you must contact the lliimh furniture team by email within seven (7) calendar days after receiving the order. Return exclusion Please read this policy carefully on exclusions (i.e. orders not affected by free returns). Furniture color and specification Make every effort to provide completely accurate and high-quality images to help you choose furniture. Although the furniture you receive may be inconsistent with the furniture displayed on our website, we ask you to remember the following points: The color density of all furniture images may vary due to the following factors, including but not limited to: Color settings for computer monitors Camera quality for mobile devices General optical density (natural or artificial) Contrast interior wall color scheme Surrounding environment (placement of furniture) Lliimh is not responsible for subtle contrast in color changes (optical density) or cross-sectional dimensions (3 inches or less). Lliimh stands for precise dimensions that can be provided directly. If you need further help in furniture color or size customization, you can contact us directly. cancel Cancel the order for reasons other than excessive delay (e.g. product aesthetics or any reason related to "buyer's own responsibility") Reject or return an order in an unauthorized manner Please remember that cancellation is an irreversible process that will result in the immediate deletion of all items from the customer's order details, and the customer may incur cancellation fees in accordance with the terms of this policy. Online and in store credit You can provide customers with online or in store credit instead of money refund. If the purchased items exceed the amount of the issued credit card, the difference can be paid by credit card or ACh transfer. Only when it is determined that the return order is in the original unused status will the credit of the return order be processed. Unresolved disputes will automatically suspend or cancel the activated order, and any shipment of the order will be placed on hold, or if the customer does not take any action, or if the order is being transported to another location and returned to our warehouse. If the customer thinks the dispute is wrong, they can contact lliimh to discuss how to remedy the dispute and continue to deliver the order. Any customer who requests a refund of an order after the resolution of an outstanding dispute may incur shipping, restocking or other penalties in addition to the original order. Failure to provide sufficient evidence of disputed error; B refuse to ship once or more, or resolutely refuse the delivery of a specific carrier or delivery driver; C requests to change its shipping address at the last minute, resulting in the re consignment freight for which lliimh furniture is not responsible; D. confirm the delivery date and window, but be absent once or more at the time of delivery; Or E. Order updates and general policy information cannot be contacted by phone or email for a long time. If the customer disputes at any time during the manufacturing or delivery process (before the final delivery of the order), but decides to pay the total amount of the original order in full, the balance of the original order will be returned to them from lliimh furniture or the customer's financial institution. Customers who choose this option may need to provide payment in the form of ACh transfer. This information applies only to customers who have not received orders (i.e. orders that have not yet been delivered to the final destination). All other points regarding returns and cancellations can be found in this policy. For more questions about this policy, please contact [email protected] Or send your comments to: Lliimh's

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