Shipping Policy

Lliimh furniture transportation policy About our policy Lliimh gives priority to providing fast delivery services to each customer by providing the latest status inspection and detailed transportation information. We are aware of the importance of receiving your order in time, which is why we insist on informing our customers that the transportation and delivery time of customized profiles may be prolonged due to various factors, many of which are beyond our control. Please read our transportation policy (hereinafter referred to as the "policy") carefully to fully understand how we collect, use, protect or otherwise deal with your purchase in accordance with the policies set out herein. US Shipping Information After registering your lliimh account, you will be able to add billing and shipping addresses. Freight is determined during online settlement. If you do not add address details before completing your purchase, you can still choose to obtain the appropriate pricing on the checkout page. Delivery from our warehouse We will contact the relevant third-party carrier to pick up the goods. As soon as the carrier receives the order, it will send an email containing the tracking number to the corresponding customer. Products are usually transported to one or more transportation terminals before they are transported to the final destination. Third party carrier delivery Lliimh cooperates with several third-party operators. It is the responsibility of the carrier to contact the customer when arranging the delivery window. Once the order leaves our warehouse, lliimh will no longer be directly involved in the final delivery process; We encourage customers to contact the carrier directly for order status updates and other delivery related information. Tracking information Once the customer's order leaves our warehouse, the tracking number will be provided to the customer. All deliveries are made by one or more of our third-party carriers and not by any representative of lliimh. Depending on the location, the order may be transported to one or more transportation terminals closest to the final destination of the order. When tracking your order, please remember that it is the responsibility of each carrier to contact you before the final delivery process. We will contact you only when your order reaches the final transportation terminal and is ready to be delivered directly to you. If the carrier does not contact you within twenty-four (24) hours from the date of delivery of your order to the final transportation terminal, please contact them directly. In order to minimize the potential large waiting time, we encourage customers to directly contact the transportation terminal where their order is located. Lliimh is not responsible for the cost of making non toll free calls to operators. If you are still unable to contact your carrier, you can contact us directly. The estimated delivery time starts immediately after our manufacturer receives the customer's order confirmation. Delivery usually reflects its predetermined time frame; However, due to covid-19 and other external factors, the delivery time may be affected. Please understand that although we strive to provide the most accurate delivery information, we cannot guarantee the accurate delivery time. Communities that develop policies to limit the delivery of very large vehicles Remote areas inaccessible due to volatile weather patterns; Very steep, narrow, winding or unattended roads; Or houses open only seasonally Any location consistent with illegal or dangerous activities that may prevent delivery In order to minimize the potential large waiting time, we encourage customers to directly contact the transportation terminal where their order is located. Lliimh is not responsible for the cost of making non toll free calls to operators. For items taken by the customer, any freight will not be refunded. The customer does not refuse delivery. Any unauthorized refusal to deliver may result in the cost of restocking or re delivery. For more information, see our return policy. White glove service Our white glove service function is often used by customers who want to easily shorten the product setting time or customers who need to help assemble furniture. Unless otherwise specified, white glove service personnel usually arrive within 1-2 working days from the date when the customer receives the order. In some cases, lliimh can arrange but does not guarantee the same day service. For any customer who receives white glove service, before our white glove service personnel arrive, each customer must bear in mind the following: The package cannot be disassembled Furniture shall not be removed from the tray If any damage is caused before the arrival of our white glove service team, the customer is responsible for notifying the carrier of these damaged items at the time of delivery by indicating all details on the pod and providing packaging pictures to lliimh If any damage occurs during the movement ("transfer") and assembly of customer furniture by our white glove service team, it is the responsibility of the white glove service team to provide lliimh with photos and details of the damage in the process, including any damage to the packaging (and tray) and / or contents If the customer chooses this service, we will only contact our white glove service personnel after the customer and its carrier confirm the delivery window; This is to ensure systematic delivery and assembly The customer shall not assist the white glove service personnel in moving or assembling their furniture If there is no visible damage in the photos provided to us by our white glove service personnel before, during and after the assembly process, the claim will not be accepted For any place where white glove service cannot be provided (i.e. we cannot find a team to perform order transfer and assembly), Yinxi furniture reserves the right to cancel this service. If lliimh cancels the reservation, the customer will receive a full refund. For more information about our white glove service policy and pricing, please contact your lliimh representative. Damage in transit All cartons transported through our third-party carrier must be thoroughly inspected for any signs of improper handling, including but not limited to the following potential problems: Wear, dents, holes, tears or tears Dyeing on segments or fittings Obvious damage to package or tray Visible damage must be noted on the pod before signing. The damage declared on the pod applies to any visible damage to the pallet and / or package; When you notice any damage to the tray and / or packaging, be sure to attach as many pictures as possible. After delivery, customers will carefully check their order content for missing items or potential damage. If there is any visible damage or any item is lost, the customer can make a claim. Important information about the claims process can be found on the claims policy page. Any damage not indicated on the pod will be deemed to have occurred after delivery. If the package has been removed after obvious damage to the item, please ensure that it is recorded in as much detail as possible. The more you record, the more helpful it will be in the claim process. To start the claim process, the customer is required to submit a viable claim [with photos and detailed instructions] within forty-eight (48) hours after receiving the goods. For all customer orders damaged or misplaced during the carrier's possession, the recycling or disposal of all lliimh products includes but is not limited to the following: A. all completely non recyclable items will be carried by a third-party carrier; B. The carrier will be provided with customer information (omitting sensitive details) to arrange delivery time and date - any carrier wishing to contact the customer for any damaged or missing parts will be at its sole discretion and will not act on behalf of lliimh's representative; C. The order "piece" consists of the whole unit rather than a single unit; D. Lliimh will exempt the carrier from return, retention Storage fee Lliimh can store customers' orders free of charge for up to thirty (30) calendar days after they first arrive at our warehouse. If the order exceeds the 30 day period, the storage fee is $15.00 per day and the maximum monthly fee is $150.00. If the customer cannot confirm the receipt of their order after six (6) months from the date of arrival of the order at our warehouse, we will have to suspend (cancel) the order and deduct 35% of the total sales price, and the refund amount will be credited to the card used by the customer at the time of purchase. The customer shall inform the lliimh sales representative to complete the purchase of any situation (such as moving, travel, etc.) in which the customer cannot receive the furniture within 12-16 weeks“ The customer will receive a written (e-mail) notice to confirm the confirmation of the storage fee; After that, the fee will continue to be charged until the customer makes a decision to retain or cancel the order, or until the order has reached the mark of 6 months. We will make every effort to meet customers who maintain communication with our representatives. All costs are assessed and determined by the carrier and lliimh. Shipping cancellation policy In transit orders cannot be cancelled. Cancel being bound by the terms and conditions of our return policy. Although lliimh is not responsible for potential problems or transportation violations caused by one of our third-party carriers, we will do our best to help you solve any problems you may encounter. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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